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Custom Tuxedo in NYC Only at LS Men’s Clothing

Life is marked by a few milestones that we take time to prepare for and want to cherish for all our years. For many, such events require a tuxedo. While most are familiar with suits, many are also mistaken that suits and tuxedos are the same. Tuxedos are essentially what is worn for special occasions and they are set apart by some subtle, but important details. Having a custom tuxedo in NYC at LS Men’s Clothing is one way of ensuring that you get those details perfected.

Get the Perfect Fabric in the Right Place

One of the details that set a tuxedo apart is the right fabric in the right place. Part or all of the collar of a tuxedo is often more luxurious-looking than the rest of the fabric used on the body and arms of the coat. It is also shinier and it is such noticeable to people. The right fabric combination showcases the details well.

Perfect Neckwear

Everyone knows that bow ties are the perfect accompaniment for a tuxedo. But details, like getting a ready bow tie, or having to tie one yourself, are the ones that could also set you apart. Wanting to be like James Bond? Then make sure you have a self-tied kind of bow tie. Getting it done perfectly will take a few minutes of the tutorial. The best part is that there are tutorials available on YouTube.

Studs, Buttons, and Cuff Links

Custom Tuxedo in NYC takes care of the many little details that will spell class. Some choose ordinary buttons for their white shirt that will be used with a tuxedo. However, LS Men’s Clothing will make sure you have the studs on your white shirt. Studs simply make the look of your dress shirt classy, put-together, and polished. If you do not have cufflinks prepared, then you can simply have us choose one for you.

Correct Waist Covering

Suits that are worn in the office normally do not bother with waist covering. This is an exclusive domain of tuxedos. You may choose a vest or a cummerbund. Though some go for nothing, it is always better to have one.  And the best thing about LS Men’s Clothing is that our designer can give you the best advice on which suits you better.

LS Men’s Clothing will give you many more tips and advice on pant hem, pocket square, and button stance. These are all personalized for you. So come and visit us now at 49 W 45th St., New York.

The Best Button Placement on the Tuxedo

There is an optimal position for the button of your tuxedo, and that is at the bottom of your ribcage. Placing it at the bottom of your ribcage allows the coat to move at the natural waist. In addition, the look is very masculine when it is placed at the bottom of the ribcage.

One has the option to either have just one button or have two buttons on the coat. Either style is okay, but the single button is most preferred.

Dressing up is not just about having the most expensive designer come up with a tuxedo for you. The aforementioned details make a lot of difference that spell class for men. It will always be good to attend to the small details that make you look powerful and well-dressed.

Custom Tuxedo Nyc

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