Southwick Suits in New York

Mention the name “Southwick” and traditionalists nod in recognition: “authentic American style”, “natural shoulder comfort”, quality and fine fabrics”. Southwick has been dressing discerning customers who appreciate Southwick’s trademark of understated elegance and quality workmanship.

The Grieco Brothers

Nicholas and Vito Grieco immigrated to this country from a remote Italian village in the early 1900’s. Hard working and ambitious, they ran a suit-pressing business in Brooklyn, then a successful tailor shop in New York until the outbreak of World War I forced them to close.

Undaunted, they opened a suit business in Massachusetts where they honed their skills as master tailors and experimented with mass production techniques. When that business folded, they worked for another manufacturer until their entrepreneurial zeal propelled them to found Grieco Bros. in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1929.

Their custom made suits embodied a fundamentally British attitude toward clothing; the natural shoulder philosophy. This was somewhat iconoclastic for the times, as fashion dictated a more exaggerated look; heavy padding at the shoulder, more severe tapering at the waist, deep pleats. While this ’20’s look becomes trendy from time to time, the natural shoulder style; with its simpler, cleaner lines has become a time-honored classic.

Customers turn to Southwick not just because the look is right, but also because the craftsmanship provides enduring value – an important consideration when investing in a suit.

Our Philosophy

The roots of the company’s business philosophy are firmly grounded in the singular American vision of its founders – a love of quality and craftsmanship.

Our clothing reflects the natural shoulder philosophy that your clothing should look like you, not us.



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