3 Tips for Picking out Your First Suit After College

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Every man needs at least one suit in his closet. A sharp suit is important for weddings, business meetings, interviews, and formal parties, all of which become far more common after graduating from college. This is an essential wardrobe item for most modern men, yet many recent college grads don’t yet own their own suit. Or, at least, they don’t own a suit that will impress.

Mostly, that’s because many men simply don’t know what to look for when buying their first tailored suit. It can seem overwhelming because there are so many different colors, styles, and lengths. If you’re like many men out there who don’t know where to start, here are three tips for picking out your first suit.

There are 3 Standard Suit Colors
When picking out your first suit, all of the color, fabrics, and cuts may seem excessive. However, each color is actually appropriate for different occasions and express different tones.

The three standard suit colors are gray, black, and blue. Gray says that you’re a nice person, and it’s good for practically any occasion. Black suits are typically associated with more formal occasions, which is why they’re so common at weddings and funerals. Plus, as an added bonus, black is famously slimming. Blue suits are sporty and fall somewhere in the middle of gray and black in terms of tone.

Honestly, it would be best to have one of each color, but starting with one is okay. Build your collection of custom tailored shirts, suits, and ties over the years as you build your career.

Get Your Suit Tailored
Most off-the-shelf suits are made generically. Yes, they come in specific sizes and lengths, but it’s rare to find a suit that fits you perfectly the first time you try it on. That’s why it’s extremely important to take it to a tailor to help it fit you perfectly. Suits that are too slim or baggy will make you look unprofessional, or worse, immature. If you don’t purchase custom tailored suits from the outset, you should take your suits to a tailor at the very least. They may hem the dress pants or take the jacket in a bit. Overall, tailored suits look better than suits right from the store. Likewise, custom tailored shirts and pants are essential if you want to look like the professional you aspire to be.

If you’ve never been to a tailor, these professionals will transform your dress shirts into custom tailored shirts that you perfectly. When a tailor handles custom tailored shirts, they will take your measurements and make the shirt fit you better than any other shirt you own.

Don’t be Afraid to Spend Money
A good suit is going to cost you money. It’s an investment, plain and simple. Yes, you can find a really inexpensive suit at a resale shop or department store. However, the suit won’t fit you as well as one that you dropped a little more money on. A study that was conducted in 2016 found that American men ages 18 and up will spend at least $85 on their wardrobe monthly, which explains why there are so many poorly dressed men in the world. Spending a lot of money on a suit ensures that you will have one piece that will last you for years to come. A custom tailored suit isn’t just an investment in your wardrobe; it’s an investment in yourself, your career, and your future.

When shopping for some of the best mens suits, remember the most important thing: The fit of the suit is more important than anything else. When you go shopping, be patient and be prepared to spend a bit of money. You won’t regret it.



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