Glossary of Definitions


Raised in the Andes Mountains, the fleeces are usually obtained after a two year growth. The fiber diameter is about 1/800 inches. The fiber is lustrous, soft to touch, strong, wavy; the fleece will weigh about 10 pounds. Fine alpaca is from 4 1/2 inches to 8 inches in length;

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Bolt, Cut, Length of Cloth

These terms are used to designate the length of the woven cloth as it comes from the loom in the gray goods state or in the finished length in the trade. Men’s and women’s wear cloth in the woolen and worsted trade will range anywhere from a 50 yard piece to a 100 yard

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The hair is combed from goats reared in China. The goats are strong and active, in the high uplands of Central Asia. The fleece on the goat is open, with long, relatively coarse hair. The underhair or duvet, however, is sleek, very soft, warm and almost silky. The white hair

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Soft fiber obtained from the seed pod of the cotton plant. Was first known in India about 3000 B.C., and was considered very rare and precious. Today it is one of America’s greatest crops, and is spun into yarn and thread, woven and knitted into fabrics. Different types of cotton

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Egyptian Cotton

One of the world’s most important cottons, grown mainly in the Nile Valley, and noted for its long staple and high quality.

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Felt Fabric

A felt cloth is made with no system of threads, but is constructed by an interlocking of the fibers of stock to be used. There is a woven felt cloth, however – papermakers’ felt cloth – that is used in ,the newspaper presses and is made of the best wool

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