About Us

Tradition & Passion

LS Men’s Clothing’s modest beginnings date back to 1954, as a family run business. We were one of the original discounters of fine ready-made men’s clothing from such houses as Oxxford, Hickey Freeman, Kilgore, French, and Stanbury to name a few. These were suits that were featured only in the finest department stores and Madison Avenue haberdashers. Custom men’s clothing was the exception rather than the rule, and was available only to the select few who could afford the luxury.

Over the years, as technology in every industry progressed, the manufacturing of suits became more computerized, sophisticated and efficient. We at LS realized the potential this would have for the custom and made-to-measure industry. Thirty-five years ago, we began incorporating custom and made-to-measure suits, sport coats, and trousers into our services.  We are proud that we were at the forefront of recognizing that by matching modern technology with old world tailoring we would be able to put our long and good standing relationships  with local artisans to use by making custom tailoring affordable.

Over 60 Years of Service


Since 1954, LS Men’s Clothing & Custom Suits of New York, NY has sold thousands of customized suits, custom tailored and styled to the body, taste, and personality of our clientele. Our custom suits are Made in America, by custom tailors, using old world techniques with an emphasis on contemporary styling. Our clientele includes a fascinating array of CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, Nobel prize laureates, leaders in national and local governments, and federal judges. They continue to rely on LS for the best custom tailor in New York City and high quality mens bespoke suits at affordable prices. Our expert staff is always available to advise and guide you in the selection process. Our hallmark two week delivery on custom made-to-measure suits, prices starting at $645, decades of experience, our personalized service, makes LS Men’s Clothing & Custom Suits the right choice for you. The bottom line is we have the best custom suits New York has to offer! LS Mens Clothing is a family run operation, in business since 1954. Our market niche is discounting high end American-made merchandise. Our family prides itself on the personalized attention we offer to each and every client. What sets us apart from our competition is our pricing and personalized service. We were at the forefront of the made-to-measure custom suit revolution, making bespoke, custom suits more readily available. This is why we have customers returning again and again for the last 55 years. Our custom made clothing has all the unique features you could ask for, including canvas linings, surgeon cuffs, pocket options and more – all at amazingly affordable prices. In addition to suits, we also carry sport coats, dress slacks, raincoats, overcoats, custom dress shirts, and ties.

The trend continued and continues as more and more men are able to afford the luxury of designing their own suits. Now in our second generation (and training the third), LS offers this new market an unlimited array of fabric choices from English and Italian mills. Traditional as well as contemporary and unique patterns.

LS Men’s Clothing and custom suits is also committed to producing our garments in America.  We maintain better control over the production of each suit, the artisans creating your suits understand the American styles and body shapes better than the far-east or European tailors, and our turn-around time is shortened to two weeks.

LS Men’s Clothing still maintains the same philosophy and mission we had back in 1954. To deliver quality merchandise at affordable pricing, in a friendly and familial environment. Join our roster of lawyers, judges, government officials, investment bankers, doctors, and actors. Come visit us, and you too can enjoy the LS experience.