What Our Customers and Friends Have to Say About Our Custom-Made Men's Suits from Manhattan's Best Tailored Suit Company!

I would... call them a must for fashion-minded businessmen... I would make it number one on the midtown shopping itinerary.
Mr. Cheap's New York
L.S. is the source for many men who dress for success even before they've achieved it and for many others who have achieved it but still see no reason to fling money about needlessly.
New York Magazine
Here is another one of the best treasures New York City has to offer the well-dressed gentleman.
Gerry Frank's Where to Find it, Buy it, Eat it in New York
I have been going to LS Mens Clothing for over 25 years, and have purchased a great number of suits, and jackets (including formal wear). I continue to be impressed by the level of service that Izzy and the others provide.
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The suits and jackets are beautifully made and can last for 10 years with proper care. I have also purchased many shirts, and these also show excellent workmanship. Pricing is straightforward, uncomplicated by package deals and come-ons, and a fair bargain given the quality of the work. Deliveries are consistently on-time. For anyone who cares about dressing well for career or social, without being flashy about it, LS is indispensable, the type of business that makes New York unique. I have referred many people to LS, and happily continue to do so." "I'm thoroughly impressed with this shop. I've been a customer for over 5 years now and have to acknowledge that the service and quality of their product only gets better with time. Its the constant attention to detail, innovative sartorial suggestions (colored thread in functioning button holes, slanted ticket jacket pockets, etc.) and continuing focus on the perfect fit that I find extremely refreshing. Izzy is the tailor you seek out on these websites. You search for the best and one that offers the most value. He is it. He is not a salesman by any means. In fact, I've seen situations where he's recommended to new customers that his shop might not be their answer. He's candid about everything, and isn't afraid to show tepid disdain for your own tastes and preferences if he disagrees with them. At the end of the day, he's usually correct and you'll ultimately be better positioned to simply accept his ideas which usually result in a better finished product. Suits - I've purchased everything from suits and jackets made from materials sent by Tip Top (LS gets high quality ends), who occasionally offer some beautiful cashmeres, Golden Bale cloth, etc., to various 140 and 160's Hickey Freeman selections. They also have a vast selection of Zegna materials which, while they are a little pricier than the others, really result in a well made suit. I don't believe Izzy profits at all from sale of the materials and he relies strictly on the make of the suit to maintain his business. Shirts - I'm not a fan of the Y'Apre shirts but since that seems to be the gold standard I'd be hard pressed not to mention it along with LS' vast selection of Y'Apre choices. I initially struggled with fit, so I gave Izzy a shirt that I purchased years ago from another tailor. He asked his vendor to replicate the fit, purchased a sample of my behalf and gave it to me at no charge. Tailoring - One of their tailors recently retired but they have a very deep bench. Izzy oversees all of their suggested alterations and chalk markings and gives final approval on all changes (with the customer's consent naturally). When I originally became a customer of LS a few years ago, I once had a suit altered 7 times before being satisfied with the final product. Izzy was more than happy to continue working on it until it was right and until I was happy. Since my office is only a few blocks away from their shop, I have asked LS to help me get stains out of clothes before a meeting, fix tears in my shirt/suit in a matter of minutes, etc. and they have also accommodated me. If you're interested in a place that serves beverages, has fast talking, young salesmen offering various suit/shirt package deals this isn't the place for you. If you're interested in a tailor that brings the closest thing to bespoke you can find with old school service, go to LS.

Michael F. Melverne, NY | Yelp review
First off, I am 6'3'' 200 lbs. with a slim but muscular build. If I ever find something that fits me well I buy multiple and keep them for many years.
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Usually my pants are too baggy or if its slim/modern fit they make it half way down my calf. I just don't have a body that normal clothes fit. Luckily I don't have to wear suits too often. My suit history consists of buying a suit, it looking absolutely ridiculous as if I should be 300lbs and then me getting it tailored. It then looks slightly ridiculous so it gets tailored again (literally the tailor tells me this is it, he can't do anymore) until its passable. Even then, after hundreds of dollars of tailoring, it just doesn't fit quite right. Finally, upon a recommendation from a coworker, I visited L/S Men's Clothing. We (my wife and I) made an appointment for a Sunday afternoon with Izzy, we came from CT. As soon as I met Izzy he gave me an "ohhhh" and explained that my body type, specifically my shoulders and wide back to slim 32.5" waist made custom clothing a necessity. But Izzy wasn't phased and said he's seen many guys like me and that he'd take care of it. He had us decide on a color and material along with all the other trimmings and details. He measured me up quickly and painlessly, had me try on a few things and his measurements were done.The difficulty was that I had a limited timeline and wanted the suit for a summer wedding in Newport, RI. Izzy went out of his way to accommodate and arranged to have it shipped directly to the house we were renting on the day of the wedding. I was suspect that the suit would fit perfectly. I was jaded by my previous off the rack experiences knowing that multiple alterations were always needed. Not so with L/S! The suit arrived just as he told it would, fit perfectly and looked great (medium grey). I also got some custom shirts that fit beautifully. I will absolutely be returning to Izzy to get multiple suits, shirts and perhaps some work pants as well. I will never buy a suit off the rack again, ever. I couldn't be happier with Izzy and L/S Men's Clothing. The product is excellent, the fit is tremendous, and the price is reasonable. I would highly recommend L/S Men's Clothing to anyone looking for good looking, custom suit, at a good price, especially if you are an uncommon body type.

Michael F. Norwalk, CT | Yelp Review
Izzy does a great job at helping to choose the right fabric and style. I've purchased numerous suits, pants, shirts and sports jackets over the last 6 years.
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You'll not find a better shopping experience and the clothing is tailored to fit your body. Always a great experience when I visit! This guy Izzy is excellent. I had sport coats, suits and shirts made there in the last few months. You will not get better pricing on any of the aforementioned products particularly for the quality of materials this guy has in house...Here is why he stands out...he spotted a smudge on one of my sport coats and wouldn't let me leave without getting it out. He talked me out of buying a more expensive suit because he was relucant about the quality of the material. He made alterations more than 4 times to get the fit that I was in search of. He was willing to talk to his vendors to drive down the cost if I liked a certain material that was outside of my price range. He is patient, knowledgeable, and opinionated (which is an attribute for a tailor). Trust me...Try this guy will not be disappointed.

Stan Jackson
I've had bespoke suits made from a few reputable tailors- including one of the most prestigious on Savile Row in London. None have come as close to the level of quality and expert fit that Izzy delivered.
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Not only was the process swift (only 2 fittings) but Izzy is such a pro, he knew exactly how to subtly alter areas of the jacket to meet my requests. I am definitely now a life-long customer, I LOVE this place!!! Highly recommended for anyone who wants the best suit money can buy.

Absolute pleasure to deal with. Izzy can probably size you up faster than anyone you've ever met,
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at least physically(including detecting that one of my shoulders was sloped lower than the other) didn't end up getting a suit from there, because of a small misunderstanding - but he was quick to refund me deposit immediately, hopefully someday i will go back and get something nice.

Abul R. | Brooklyn, NY
Great spot to get custom suits. Izzy is an old-school master tailor who does a great job.
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The entire experience takes a little getting used to. You have to be buzzed up to the third floor of a basically unmarked building... so it's not the same experience as shopping at Saks. However, once inside, you'll see suits that are higher quality than Saks for whatever price point you want to spend. Had a tux made here for my wedding and got several compliments, it came out wonderfully. Went back for some suits and bonus, my measurements were on file, so just pick the fabric and specs and boom, you're good to go. 3-4 week turn around and you've got a custom suit. Izzy has literally hundreds of fabric swatches from half a dozen mills so you'll find something you love. Really high quality stuff here that won't break the bank. Think Suit Supply but with somebody who actually knows what they're doing. Highly recommend this place.

Greg W. Hoboken, NJ
I recently had a great experience at LS when I needed a tux and suit made for me for my daughter's wedding. The trick for me is that I'm very allergic to wool and have always had a very hard time finding suits that I can wear in stores.
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Based on a friend's recommendation I went to LS to see if they had any good fabrics I could wear and fortunately that had a nice dark blue for a suit and a black for a tux both made of microfiber that had great feel to them . I had the suit and tux made for quite reasonable prices and went in for the fitting last week and both fit perfectly. I'm very happy with my experience at LS and I would particularly recommend them to anyone with a wool allergy or a vegan who doesn't choose to wear wool. Izzy, the proprietor was very helpful and straightforward to deal with. His son also has a wool allergy so he was familiar with fabrics suitable for those of us who need non-wool alternatives.

Matthew R. | East Village, Manhattan, NY
I wanted to buy my brother a suit for his birthday, and I wanted to go better than off-the-rack. After a good bit of internet research, we decided on LS, and I'm really glad we did.
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We ended up buying more than just the one suit for my brother. All in all, we ended up buying 3 suits, a beautiful midnight blue tuxedo, and a jacket. LS is pretty bare-bones, almost warehouse-like in appearance, but that doesn't really matter. Izzy, the owner (who seems to deal with pretty much everyone who comes into the store) has books full of materials for suits and jackets (not to mention plenty of opinions about them). Once we narrowed our choices down, Izzy helped us finalize our choices and nailed down the details for the cut, etc. He then measured us and we were out the door. We came back about 4 weeks later to have a fitting with the mostly-finished suits. Ten days later they were completely finished. Everything fits perfectly and really looks great. I'm extremely pleased and will be coming back for shirts and any other suit needs. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends who are ready to graduate from off-the rack.

Chris G. | New York, NY
My go to place for dress shirts, slacks, and suits. I've purchased many suits, slacks (the pantsmaker is amazing), and dress shirts from LS and will continue to do so in the future.
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One of the real benefits of going to LS is that he has tailors in-house. So, when you pick up your clothing, he can make tweaks. Most M2M places (especially the on-line ones) just mail you your clothes and you're out of luck if you need a change.Izzy has been helpful and doesn't put pressure or upsell. When I've needed help, he's assisted me with patterns and fabrics. The quality has been good. I started purchasing clothing from LS in 2007 and all items are still in rotation. I also have to say that the suits are at a great price point and slacks are at a pretty good price point (compare a store + tailoring vs buying from LS and you'll end up at the same price but with better quality). I always get compliments (and I'm generally a shlub) when wearing my clothing that I've purchase through LS.

J.M | Knickerbocker, NY
Every suit I own is from LS. All custom-made with exactly the sort of features that make a custom-made suit look custom-made (real buttonholes, stitching around the lapels, etc.). And the price is a fraction of what I would pay elsewhere.
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It's worth it to take the elevator up to the third floor to see Izzy. Don't be put off by the stark accommodations. I would much rather have a lower price and skip the fancy carpeting at Bergdorf's. I just ordered some shirts from Izzy; hope they turn out as well as his suits.

Rick L.
After decades of an increasingly miserable experience of off the rack shopping, I finally decided to get with the program and find a tailor to work with in NYC.
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I researched 6-7 shops in the city, visited them and made a decision to try LS first. 2 years later I am grateful that I found Izzy and team because they produced a superior shopping experience for me. My suits and shirts have been made to my specs, I have enjoyed and appreciated Izzy's keen eye for style, fit and quality, as well as his interest in getting the best value for his customers. I only regret that I did not decide earlier to make the change to LS. Anyone looking for great quality, value and honesty in mens clothing needs to visit LS .

Charles Gonzales
I have enjoyed outstanding tailoring and outstanding value from Mr. Izzy and LS for more than 25 years (and my father enjoyed their goods and services before that).
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LS serves bankers, lawyers, businessmen, and others who can afford to shop anywhere but appreciate the excellent value-for-money, the personal service, and (above all) the tailoring expertise that LS represents. I work for a global financial institution, and the suits Mr. Izzy has built for me are routinely the envy of many of my peers, who get their tailoring in London, Rome, Madrid, etc. -- and who (needless to say) are paying multiples of what I pay for LS' superior goods, service, and style. Izzy is a mensch -- a gentleman and an honest broker, and employs some of the best custom tailors left in the U.S. I trust Izzy. If he cannot do something, he will tell you. If he counsels against something, I'd suggest you listen -- his words are based on long experience. In the rare case where something is not right, Izzy will make it right, no extra charge. I am at the point where he and I rarely discuss prices -- I know that Izzy is more than fair, and the standard discounts -- let alone his specials -- put his goods in a category by themselves. Recently, Izzy was able to copy a jacket I bought in Naples -- but build a suit using it as a model, with modifications I requested. I know of no other custom tailor in NYC who could do as good a job, using the best fabric and materials, for a price anywhere near as low -- while capturing the line and flavor of the Neapolitan design. (I will note that this is an unusual thing for LS, where most work is in the Hickey Freeman/Oxxford/amer icanized Savile Row model). As to Claudia's complaints, I can only say that she sounds like a bitter crank, and I'd suggest that if she gets her jollies writing negative reviews, she go pick on the many "custom shops" that sell shoddy, mass-made-disguised- as-quality goods at outrageous prices -- there are surely plenty of them around. There is no "schmeer" at LS -- nothing plush, not so much as a carpet on the floor -- just real custom work with the best goods at the fairest prices. It is not for everyone, but most of Izzy's loyal clients will be happy if it remains that way.

Andrew L.
Izzy is the best. I recently fell into a cycle at work this winter where I needed more winter weight suits. Not having the time to get up to NYC for his MTM program,
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he came through with two really nice Hickey Freeman's in a hard to find side vent model that was significantly less then what other high line shops charge around here. I need to make the time to get up to NYC for a day trip some Sunday and have him do a couple of mtm suits.

Andrew P. Theodore
In sum, great place, I really recommend it highly. One thing though, if you are looking for a department style store,
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where you end up spending half your moneyto help pay for the overhead and for the people to greet you at the door, this is not the place for you... Izzy is great, and his tailors are amazing, but he cuts costs on the lower floor rent to help you save money on the suit.

I recently got married and a friend of mine recommended i go to LS Mens Clothing. Without going into great detail regarding my suit, shirts and tie that I got there
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- I will just say that it fit well, looked great and my wife was thrilled with how the suit looked. I only went to 1 fitting which was great right before the wedding with my busy schedule. I have recommended the store to a few of my friends and none have been disappointed with the service, the attention, fit and style I highly recommend

Joel S. | Flushing, NY
My brother and I have been going to LS for a few years now. I've had about 12 shirts made, all have been excellent, and fit perfectly.
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There is a wide selection of patterns to choose from and you can not beat the prices! Izzy is always extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. I have referred a few friends and co-workers to LS and everyone has been very pleased with the quality and service. In fact, a friend of mine has been so happy with LS, he is going to have Izzy make the suits for the groomsmen to wear at his wedding.

Tim D. | New York, NY
I recently ordered a made to measure Coppley dress suit from LS and two custom shirts. This was my first time at LS.
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Izzy helped and guided me through the painless process and after taking his advise on style and fabric I am very pleased. The cost was very reasonable and the fit on the suit and shirts was perfect, even though I am not the easiest to fit. I thought the shirts were extremely reasonable and of excellent quality. I think LS is a rare find in todays world, that is good quality and fair prices. My order was handled very professionaly and even though I live in Ct I will be back again and this time bring my son as well because it is definitely worth it.

Arthur C. | Bethel, CT
LS Mens Clothes has the best clothing values in New York City. Its humble premises, on the third floor of a nondescript office building, belie the clothing riches inside.
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I have been a customer for about 20 years. I have bought both ready to wear and custom. Its made to measure offerings are strong in that four manufacturers are offered: H. Freeman of Philadelphia, Coppley, and a local workshop.H. Freeman and the local workshop make a suit which is superior to Hickey Freeman. I have received more compliments on my LS suits than some of my other suits (including those made on the fabled Savile Row) which have cost two to four times as much. LS is a a significant customer of H. Freeman. It has been able to get H. Freeman to offer a new model based on LS's suggestions. You can personalize the styling and detailing of your suit, such as working sleeve buttonholes, linings, ticket pockets, and pick stitching. On the made to measure side the cloth selection is huge. You can order from the manufacturers' swatch collections or from the sample books of Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Barberis, and Gladson. LS also has a wonderful pantsmaker who can copy your favorite pants. He makes a handmade trouser with handsewing and pick stitching. In fact, he makes my suit trousers. I have also had LS's in-house tailor make the vest, and he has done an excellent job. It also has good things in ready to wear. You have to do a little searching among the overstocks from H. Freeman, Hickey Freeman, and Burberry. I started as a ready to wear customer. I still buy an occasional raincoat and overcoat. LS has the lowest prices in town on made to measure shirts from Individualized Shirts which makes both a standard shirt and more handmade shirt under the y'Pres label. Finally, Izzy is a lovely, honest, and reputable person. It is a family business which his mother-in-law started. She is the LS in the name.

I have been an LS customer for more than 30 years, and for the last 25 years, a completely satisfied customer of their bespoke suits, blazers, overcoats, trousers, and shirts. My sons are now customers
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for their "more pedestrian" off-the-rack choices (if you can call Hickey Freeman, H. Freeman, & Burberry pedestrian) and look forward to graduating to bespoke (in time). Izzy Zuber continues to bend over backwards to satisfy my needs, which include an erratic travel schedule, and personal tastes which don't always conform to current fashion trends.For those who take no pleasure from the shopping experience, LS is the antidote. A typical phone call from me to Izzy goes something like this:"I need a few pair of chinos, light weight gray slacks, a dark gay suit and a new tuxedo." (this was a most recent call a few weeks ago).Izzy will then ask, "Have you had any recent weight changes?"The answer this time was no, so we were able to proceed.We then discuss colours (What shade of grey scale from 5-10) and how light (150s, 180s, ...)Finally he'll ask by when I need it, or when am I planning to be in New York next. That's it, and shirts are just as easy (which reminds me that I need to call him for some).

David L.| Los Angeles, CA
Great experience. My husband has no patience to shop for clothing, so he usaully relies on me to do all his clothing shopping.
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This works fine with pants and sweaters, but not with suits. After pushing it off for a while, he finally admitted that he needed a few new lighterweight suits for the summer months. A friend had recommended LS, and I was excited to check it out. It was the perfect store for my husband. The owner (Izzy) helped us from the start, and it was obvious that he really knew his stuff...he guessed (correctly) my husband's exact size and in a heartbeat pulled out a few different styles for him to try on. They all fit great! We quickly chose three of the best ones, and the in-house tailor did some pinning to adjust the length on one of the jacket sleeves. This all took under 20 minutes!! something my husband was THRILLED about. Once he realized how painless and quick the experience would be, he agreed to look at, and order, some custom shirts. The fabric and design selection was great!All in all- a great experience. They really knew their stuff, knew their inventory, were helpful, courteous and (most importantly) quick. We will def. be going back!

Sarah M. | New York, NY
This is the first review I have written for CitySearch, but I really wanted to make sure that LS gets the proper recognition it deserves.
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I went there on the recommendation of a friend and I think it might be my best find thus far in New York. I have been living in the city for about two years now and I haven't really found a decent place to get a suit. In my line of business, I have to wear a suit every day and it has been frustrating going to so many of the so-called fancy New York department stores that purport to offer excellent service and tailoring but ultimitely produce a shoddy product. I keep wanting to tell them -- I don't care about how nice your store looks, just give me a nice suit at a decent price... I was reluctant at first to visit LS because it was on the third floor in some midtown building and I figured that at the prices my friend told me they charged there was no way they weren't cutting corners on the suit, but after seeing my suit and spending time talking to Izzy (the owner) I was convinced -- this place is gold! Izzy has been in the business for probably more than 20 years, and he personally walks you through every aspect of buying a custom made suit. He made sure I came back to try the suit on a number of times to make sure that everything I wanted was there and that I was happy with the suit. The fabrics he uses are really great (he must have a really great deal on the fabrics because he was selling the entire suit for the same price that it would cost me to order the fabrics on their own). In sum, great place, I really recommend it highly. One thing though, if you are looking for a department style store, where you end up spending half your money to help pay for the overhead and for the people to greet you at the door, this is not the place for you... Izzy is great, and his tailors are amazing, but he cuts costs on the lower floot rent to help you save money on the suit.""I hate shopping, and I hate the chaos in department stores, as well as salespeople who either ignore, pressure or harass you. I have therefore put off shopping for new clothing for a long time. I recently admired a collegue's suit, and he mentioned he had purchased it at L.S. Mens Clothing. I stopped by the store on my way home from work (its midtown location was so condusive) and left an hour later having ordered a custom suit. Izzy was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was honest about what would look good, was knowledgable about what was stylish and what was faddish, and never tried to "sell me". So much so that I had wanted to place an order for 4 suits, but Izzy convinced me not to, suggesting that I wait until the first suit came in to make appropriate modifications before we ordered any additional items. The same was said about the custom shirt I ordered. I have never experienced such a postive shopping trip. Between the quality fabrics, discount prices, and Izzy's honesty and integrity, I look forward to shopping at LS Mens Clothing again."" I have one of the hardest shape bodies to fit for suits. After trying many custom tailors I was recommended by a friend to try LS Mens and ask for Izzy. Not only was I happy with the price of the suits and custom shirts I had bought but the service and atmosphere was so friendly. Izzy took out time to go through what exactly I wanted and spent time explaining in detail to the tailors exactly what would be best for me. The custom shirts i had gotten are really a great fit, now it is so easy for me to order shirts being that Izzy has my measurements and I just need to pick out the fabric. All in all I was amazed at everything there from the personal service, great buys, great tailoring, wonderful suits, and shirts. I have gone back many times since the first time I had been there and have never had a complaint. Highly recommend."very knowledgeable, great prices . open sundays and until seven so easy to get there after work or weekends." Excellent Service, Excellent materials (choose your own), at really low prices. LS sells top of the line quality, at fractions of the price you will find anywhere else! The owner is a kind person who is very easy to deal with. Gives personal attention and is very helpful! I would never shop anywhere else!!""There's a real family behind the 44-year-old L.S. Men's Clothing which gives this small showroom a friendly, personal appeal.

Joan Hamburg's Most-For-Your-Money New York
Very Fine Bespoke Service 1) LS claim to fame, for the Bespoke buyer, is made-to-measure, name brand American made suits and sport jackets, at a sharply discounted price.
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2) For under $1,000,I get a 150s level fabric suit, from a famous American maker, in my exact size and to my detail specifications. 3) Any cuff I want, working buttonholes, no complaints extensive alterations, and custom features: felt lined (no slip-out) cellphone pocket in size for my phone; one piece custom style waistband for my suspenders and on and on. 4) LS will also order the latest model of a Very famous high end suspenders (braces) at a unique discount price. 5) The manager, Mr. Z, is a pleasure and very very knowledgeable. 6) Also distributes Custom shirts from the same source used by Bergdorf, Brooks, Saks and Oxxford - at 40% to 50% less.

David Balducci (CitySearch)
I've been to a ton of tailors in Manhattan over the years. I didn't believe the hype at first (particularly based on the amount of overwhelming positive feedback he received on this site) and then I went to LS.
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This guy Izzy is excellent. I had sport coats, suits and shirts made there in the last few months. You will not get better pricing on any of the aforementioned products particularly for the quality of materials this guy has in house...Here is why he stands out...he spotted a smudge on one of my sport coats and wouldn't let me leave without getting it out. He talked me out of buying a more expensive suit because he was relucant about the quality of the material. He made alterations more than 4 times to get the fit that I was in search of. He was willing to talk to his vendors to drive down the cost if I liked a certain material that was outside of my price range. He is patient, knowledgeable, and opinionated (which is an attribute for a tailor). Trust me...Try this guy will not be disappointed.

Fisher76 (CitySearch)
A few years back I had lost weight. My suits which had fit me till then were all to big. Being that I had to wear a suit to work every day, I was quite desperate.
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A friend suggested that I go to Izzy at LS, saying that he had a positive experience. I pushed him off by saying that I would instead go try to get something at saks,neiman,bergdoff, rothmans, and brooks brothers. I did just that, and what occured was very dissapointing. Every place the salespeople were obnoxious and "up your back". At the department stores after I had said that i only planned to spend a little bit over 1000, i was ignored. the prices and quality were terrible. you were paying for the name of the designer and for nothing else. Their custom departement didn't really have anything under 1600. At rothmans and brooks brothers the service was okay, but I felt that I was being pushed by the salespeople and that it was a overpriced for such quality. Finally I went to Izzy at Ls. Right away I felt the family feel of the place. There wasn't the marble... everywhere like they had in the department stores. But it was better like that. Izzy gave me personal attention and helped me get a ready made Hickey which was priced at 500+ cheaper than it wold have been at any of the departement store.He was not pushy at all but actually very pleasant. His in house tailors also did an amazing job to alter the suit to my needs. I have contined going to Izzy but now I have gone to his custom lines. Again amazing prices on that too. He also has a large amount of Loro Piana,Zegna, and Holland and Sherry fabrics to choose from. All in all highly highly recomended. You'll seee you'll become part of the LS FAMILY."