The Top Winter Suit Trends for 2018

Instead of a look to the future, the fashion trends this year have been focused on a vintage revival.

For many men, this means revisiting old styles and clothing you may still have lying around and seeing if it’s now back in fashion.

Black, grey, and navy suits should be in every man’s wardrobe, but different colors and patterns have also made their way into the mainstream. This gives all men a lot more freedom when it comes to selecting sweaters and jackets to build up that perfect winter look.

Read on to find out what the latest winter suit trends are.

Throwback Style

If you attended any fashion show recently you may have felt you were seeing deja vu. That’s because designers like Prada have taken old 90s styles and given them a modern twist.

While you’re out in the city streets dealing with the cold winds, it’s now acceptable to keep your head warm with a bucket hat.

Just ensure that whatever hat you choose matches your coat or plays off the patterns and colors of your scarf or shoes.

Put on Those Layers

There is nothing more important for winter fashion than knowing how to properly layer your outfit to help you look on point.

If you have a well-tailored suit, the next step is to ensure you’re adding sweaters, coats, and accessories that match and follow the latest trends.

Fortunately, simple plain sweaters and black or grey coats are no longer the only option available to men this season. Instead, the wardrobe has expanded to be playful while still standing out and making a statement.

Although winter can be cold, just ensure that your layers are breathable. This is for all those moments you have to step on public transportation or quickly pop into a coffee shop and suddenly have to deal with a lot of heat.

For that reason, any items that have the ability to unzip or unbutton to let some heat escape will be ideal for most situations and will still help you stay stylish.

Oversized Jackets

Whereas before it was expected for your coat to follow a similar cut to your suit, oversized jackets have hit the runway and now the city.

What’s more, they don’t even need to follow the traditional format of being long and thick. Many designers have introduced puffy bomber jackets, fall-colored leather jackets, and coats with large, wide lapels to create distinct shape despite the size.

You can equally forgo shape entirely and get a large coat that breaks the traditional idea of a jacket. Essentially, your silhouette will show the coat just hanging from your body with no further cut to it.

From a fashion standpoint, this is a great time to use colors and patterns to stand out, and practically, this will give your body more room to breathe as you move around the city.

Checks? Check

Checks are back and in a way that may surprise you.

Under the inspiration of Burberry, the 90s saw a very specific style of check dominate fashion with off-brand rip-offs allowing people to copy the trend.

The most infamous result of this was a celebrity caught wearing clothing made entirely of the same check pattern with a baby pram also matching.

However, recent trends originating from street-ware and inspired by Japan’s grunge style have seen multiple patterns being sewn and added together.

This has led to a hybrid revival of deliberately clashing check patterns together for a bold look.

For examp,le you could wear an oversized white and navy check coat over your grey suit and then throw a dark red check scarf. Despite the mismatch, you could subtly tie the two together by ensuring the red scarf has hints of navy too.

This also makes shopping much easier because you won’t need to find the similar patterns across different items of clothing. In fact, the more mismatched, the more on trend you will be.

Be a Little Country for Your Winter Suit

As the colder weather creeps in, more robust and closed up footwear begins entering the fashions seen on the streets.

With that in mind, this year two particular styles have stood out above all.

The first is inspired from the wild west, specifically, boots styled and inspired by cowboys. This doesn’t mean high leather with spurs, but it does involve a pointed toe and a Cuban heel.

This particular style looks sleek and modern when paired with a suit and it’s perfect for keeping your feet warm during the winter. Polished black or brown leather are perfect for the most formal dress codes at work but a more dressed down style can be perfect if your office allows jeans and casual wear.

Outside of this, boots inspired by mountain shoes have also been seen in many fashion shows recently. Again, with the right material, the boot can look perfect with a suit or pair of jeans.

The Color of Choice? Brown

This season saw many designers pulling out a huge variety of brown hues to mark the end of fall and start of winter.

Colors varied from light tan to coffee and milk chocolate across every item from jackets and suits to sweaters and hats.

To stay stylish this year there is no better color to use as the focal point of your outfit than this.

For an easy outfit that is perfect for the winter weather, consider a brown tweed suit paired with a check coat to really add layers of style to your look.

Keep Up

As fashion continues to evolve it’s always worth observing the latest trends and how they are inspired from what has come before.

Once you understand the logic behind the creativity, you can start playing with the latest fashions in a way that works perfectly with your style.

Currently, cross-fabric garments and mismatched patterns are being blended with 90s-inspired oversized clothing to create looks for your winter suit that have an impact and make a statement.

Schedule an appointment with us to ensure your clothes are tailored to perfection. Then, read our other blogs for more tips and advice.



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