Felt Fabric

A felt cloth is made with no system of threads, but is constructed by an interlocking of the fibers of stock to be used. There is a woven felt cloth, however – papermakers’ felt cloth – that is used in ,the newspaper presses and is made of the best wool obtainable. The nature of the uses of this fabric makes it necessary that the fabric be woven.

Felt fabric is made by subjecting the stock to be used to heat, moisture, water, pressure, and in the case of derby hats and other stiff felts, shellac. The amount of shellac used depends on the desired stiffness of the finished material.

Leading felt products are felt hats, the most important felt item; banners, pennants, slippers, linings of many types, piano hammers, board erasers, insoles, etc. Any and all types of stocks, wastes, etc., find their way into felt cloth.

Felt may be made of: .

Camel and goat hair.
China cotton I
Other cottons
Cow and rabbit hair
Flocks and other mill wastes such as card strippings, shear wastes,
willow wastes.
Reprocessed or new wool.



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