Glossary of Definitions

Felted Fabric

This type of woven material is also known as fulled or milled cloth. Felting, fulling or milling is the process resorted to in order to give woven cloth a thick, compact, substantial feel, finish, and appearance. The construction of the goods is covered up and not seen when the cloth

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An individual strand, sometimes referred to as a filament. It is a slender, fine diameter, single strand. Several fibers may be combined to ready them for spinning, weaving and knitting purposes. A fiber usually has a rather definite set length.

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Strong lustrous yarn or fabric of smooth-surfaced flax fibers. Can be either plain weave or a damask weave for table linens. Used for wearing apparel, household articles, fancy work. Handkerchief Linen – Sheer, fine linen in plain weave. Irish Linen — Fine, lightweight linen made in Ireland; often still made

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An individual strand that is indefinite in length. An example is silk, which may run from 300 to 1400, 1600 and even 1900 yards in length. Filaments are finer in diameter than fibers. A fiber or filament is the smallest unit in any type of cloth.

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Fused Fabric

Two layers of fabric which are bonded or fused together with a layer of cellulose by the application of heat. Fusing is also used in place of stitching to tailor some clothing.

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Construction is the same for wool as for cotton gabardine; a 45- or 63—degree twill. These weaves give the characteristic, single~diagonal lines noted on the face of the cloth. Material is piece—dyed and used in men‘s and women’s wear. Combinations of yarn as to color and cast may be used,

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