Glossary of Definitions


This may be defined as the tendency of fibers to ball or roll up on the surface of a fabric. Pilling results when loose fiber ends escape from the yarn used in making a fabric and work their way to the surface of the fabric. After working the way to

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The simplest, most important and most used of all of the A hundreds of weaves used in making textile cloths. Eighty percent of all cloth made each year is made on this simple construction. There is only one plain weave, and it gives a checkerboard appearance. It is made, and

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From the French, “popeline”. It is a staple, dress—goods material. The cloth resembles bombazine, and silk warp and woolen filling are used. In the higher priced cloth, worsted filling is utilized. Filling yarn is particularly cylindrical as it tends to give the rounded form of rib line, noted in the

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General term for fabric with designs applied by means of dyes used on engraved rollers, wood blocks or screens. Burn—out Print – Print showing raised designs on sheer ground. Made by printing design with chemical on fabric woven of paired threads of different fibers, then burning out one of the

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A manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose, as well as manufactured fibers composed of regenerated cellulose in which substituents have replace not more than 15% of the hydrogens of the hydroxyl group. The cellulose base for the manufacture of rayon is obtained from wood pulp or cotton linters, which are

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A term which signifies that silk or rayon have been used to make the fabric. Satin weaves are used to make satin and sateen. They will give a warp—effect or a filling—effect as desired. When compared with the other two basic weaves, plain and twill, this weave does not have

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