Glossary of Definitions

Grey Goods

Also spelled gray, greige, griege. They are cloths, irrespective of color, that have been woven in a loom, but have received no dry or wet finishing operations. Grey goods are taken to the perch for the chalk—marking of all defects, no matter how small. These blemishes must be remedied in

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Used for suitings, topcoatings, overcoatings, sport coats, dress goods in men’s and women’s wear. The cloth gives a weave effect in fabrics that resembles the vertebral structure of the fish known as herring. The cloths are staples and always in demand. All herringbones are broken twill weaves but all broken-twill

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Originally an undyed woolen cloth spun into yarn and woven in the home with the rather crude machinery used by the peasants and country folk the world over. The industry came to the fore in the British Isles I and then spread to the Continent; Owing to the substantial appearance

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International Wool Textile Organization

IWTO is the international body representing the interests of the world’s wool-textile trade and industry. IWTO membership covers woolgrowers, traders, primary processors, spinners, weavers, garment makers and retailers of wool and allied fibres in its member-countries, as well as all kind of organizations related to wool products and the wool

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A celebrated method invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard of Lyons, France, at the beginning of the 19th Century, and so named for producing, elaborate cloth weaves in the loom by the substitution of perforated strips of cardboard punched according to intricate design for the ordinary and restricted number of heddle frames

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From Hindu, meaning dusty. Cloth is make from cotton, wool, worsted, and linen, and with combinations of these fibersl Cloth first gained prominence when it was taken as the standard color for uniform cloths of the British army in all parts of the Empire.

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