Glossary of Definitions

Lamb’s Wool

Wool shorn from lambs up to seven months old. Soft and possessing superior spinning properties when compared with wool from older animals. Lamb’s wool has a natural tip which is lost after the first or virgin clip.

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The process of making fabric by interlocking series of loops of one or more yarns. Originally done by hand, now turned out by machine in mass production. Hand—knitting is done either on straight or round needles by slipping stitches from one needle to the other, each change making one stitch.

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Also Flax – An important type of bast fiber, the plant is called the flax plant and the product is called linen. Flax is obtained from the plant stalk which grows in many world areas. It is the oldest textile fiber known in the vegetable group and it may attain

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Mohair comes from the Angora goat. Best breeding on very dry land. South Africa and U.S.A. are the leading producers. Very fine, lustrous, but slightly brittle fiber. Used in summer weigh suitings and tuxedos. Often mixed with worsted or silk.

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A very high grade, distinctive breed developed from several various strains. For 160 years, Australia has constantly improved the quality of its wool. Sheep in this class are large in stature, thrive well in large flocks, and have the stamina to withstand drought and dry vegetation better than other breeds.

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In reality a double plaid. This is a cloth in which the weave , or, more often, the color effect is arranged in blocks of the same or different sizes, one over the other. Again, the cloth may show a plaid design on a checked ground construction. This effect is

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