7 Business Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Needs

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Do you want to stand out in the business world and force people at your place of employment to take you more seriously?

Studies have shown that about 40 percent of employers are more likely to provide a person with a promotion when they show up for work wearing something from a professional business wardrobe. That alone should have you looking to revamp your closet and everything in it right away.

If you aren’t dressing to impress on a daily basis, you could be costing yourself a lot of money. You could also be getting passed over for promotions and other opportunities without even realizing it.

To get yourself back on track, you should put together a wardrobe essentials list and start checking items off of it. Here are 7 business wardrobe essentials every man needs.

1. Suit

The first thing you need to have in your wardrobe if you’re going to dominate the business world–or even make a small blip on the business world’s radar–is a suit.

Preferably, you should consider purchasing a custom suit to add to your business wardrobe. While it will cost more than buying a suit off the rack, it’ll fit you perfectly and make you look and feel like a million bucks.

Ideally, it’d be great for you to have several suits in your wardrobe to rotate. But the great thing about a good suit is that it’ll never go out of style. You can wear it over and over again while you handle your business, which will make it a great investment.

You will need a suit for:

  • Attending job interviews
  • Going to important meetings
  • Making presentations
  • And so much more!

Bottom line: If you’re going to have any chance of making your mark in the business world, you’re going to need a suit to do it.

2. Dress Shirts

You could conceivably survive with only one suit in your business wardrobe. However, you’re going to need a handful of dress shirts at your disposal.

Just like with suits, custom dress shirts are always ideal. When you buy custom dress shirts, they’ll be made to fit your specific body type.

But even if you can’t afford to go with custom dress shirts, you should find shirts that fit you well and that come in a range of different colors. From basic white dress shirts to blue and yellow dress shirts, you’ll be able to capture a specific look each day based on your shirt selection.

Even if you’re only able to work with one suit, you’ll be able to mix and match shirts and ties to make yourself look different every day.

3. Ties

Speaking of ties, you’re going to need them to go with your suit and dress shirts.

Ties come in just about every size and pattern imaginable. You should stock up on plenty of them and work your way through them so that you don’t ever wear a tie two or three days in a row.

You should also steer clear of ties that look too silly or give off the wrong impression. That tie with a funny cartoon character is likely going to send the wrong message to a client, unless that client just so happens to be in the animation business.

4. Oxford Shoes

You might be surprised by how many men spend a lot buying the best suits, dress shirts, and ties money can buy before pairing them with a pair of old shoes that don’t shine like they should.

After you’ve added a suit, some dress shirts, and ties to your business wardrobe, you should make a reliable pair of Oxford shoes your next purchase. You can also consider wingtip shoes as another viable option.

Regardless of which type of shoes you go with, you should maintain your shoes and shine them as often as possible.

Oddly enough, your shoes will be one of the first things people notice about you. So you want to care for them to make a good first impression on those you meet.

5. Sport Coat

You’re not always going to want to wear a suit to work. Sometimes, you might want to dress down just a bit to let loose and show that you’re not too uptight.

That doesn’t mean that you should show up for work in a hoodie, though!

Wearing a sport coat with some trousers is a nice way to mix things up every now and then. It’ll allow you to obtain a different look without stepping too far outside of the box.

You can find custom sport coats that will fit you well and highlight all of your best features. They’ll be perfect for an after-hours work meeting or a night out on the town with clients.

6. Trousers

You can pair a sport coat with all kinds of different pants. In some cases, you can even get away with a sport coat and a pair of jeans.

But if you’re looking to establish yourself in the business world, you’re better off going with a pair of custom pants. They’ll fit you just right and will keep the emphasis on your great-looking sport coat.

7. Socks

Socks were once the most overlooked portion of the average business wardrobe. But these days, socks are more important than ever!

Like ties, you can find socks in many different colors and styles. Unlike ties, you can use them to show off your personality a little bit more.

While you probably don’t want to go too wild, you can take some risks with your socks since people won’t be able to see them for the most part. You can find socks that will set you apart and show that you’re the kind of guy who cares about every last detail.

Start Adding to Your Business Wardrobe Today

Is your business wardrobe seriously lacking at the moment?

You can change that by customizing your business clothes and transforming your whole look.

You’ll love the way your new business wardrobe fits when you start putting clothing on, and you’ll notice a change in the way people treat you.

Contact us for all of your men’s wardrobe must-haves.

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