Coppley Men’s Custom Suits in New York

Coppley is a marketer of men’s custom suits, coats, trousers, shirts and neckwear with a Canadian manufacturing base that excels in product and services benefits selling principally in North America and mainly through independent specialty stores.

Coppley’s unique business values provide a firm foundation for building mutual success. We’ve always known that our growth depends on our retailers – that helping them realize their goals, is crucial to realizing our own. Today, in these uncertain times, we’ve intensified our commitment to working closely with retail partners to achieve strong, measurable results.
That means supplying products of impeccable quality and style appealing to a range of crucial market segments. It also means standing shoulder to shoulder with retailers and delivering effective marketing support. Our focus on teamwork, on collaboration both among our staff and between our organization and our partners, sets Coppley apart. The Coppley way of building better business rests on the conviction that ideas become facts, visions become realities, only when we all work together.

It’s a business ethic that extends even to the men we dress. They have their plans, they have their ambitions—and powerful self-presentation is part of the equation. We see our brands as contributions to their triumphs.


A marketer of men’s tailored clothing and related dress furnishings…
That excels in products and service benefits…
With a Canadian manufacturing base…
Which is both profitable and growing…
Selling principally in North America and mainly through independent specialty stores.


The Beginnings
John Young, a successful dry goods merchant, and an early promoter of the local cotton industry constructed Coppleys home in Hamilton Ontario in 1856. The property, then known as the Commercial Block, is the finest surviving pre-confederation stone building of provincial importance. In 1883, the company began on this site when G.C. Coppley, E. Finch Noyes, and James Randall purchased John Calder & Co.

In 1950, at the age of fifty, Mr. Max Enkin purchased Coppley Noyes & Randall Ltd. Mr. Enkin, notable for his work to integrate thousands of refugees into Canada after World War II, was a highly distinguished gentleman who was bestowed with many honours during his lifetime including the prestigious Order of the British Empire and Order of Canada in 1983.

The New Age
The company flourished through the 1960’s and 1970’s with a compelling stable of American and European fashion brands licensed for distribution in Canada. By the 1980’s, Coppley had established a reputation as a forward-thinking and fashionable apparel firm. In the early 1990’s, the company entered into the American market. The company was purchased by Hartmarx Corporation in 1998 and renamed Coppley. Today, the company offers fashion-forward made-to-measure and ready-to-wear clothing under a variety of labels including its signature brand, Coppley.



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