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Dressed for Success with Custom Dress Shirts in NYC

A man in a custom-made three-piece suit is an image of success and power. The suit is the showcase piece of clothing and matched with shoes, jewelry, and a tie. With this, a man can cut an imposing figure and make quite the fashion statement. The most credited part of the outfit is the tie. It serves no other purpose but it projects a certain image to the wearer.

The unsung “star” of the outfit is the dress shirt that acts as the backdrop to the suit and tie. It is often a monotone color to offset the tie’s design, but it is also the garment that can be changed to give a different look with the same suit and tie. A well-muscled man with six pack abs might be able to wear a sports coat over a bare chest but most men will need that dress shirt to keep a less than perfect bare torso hidden from view.

Not Ready to Join Chippendales? Don’t Worry

That “less than perfect” torso will likely have difficulties finding a ready to wear dress shirt off the rack. If this defines you, then your path to that successful image might lead you to a custom dress shirt maker like LS Men’s Clothing of New York. Since 1954, we have been supplying men with custom dress shirts in NYC and other clothing items. We also offer custom made dress shirts to make that outfit complete for men of any body type.

Part of looking good is feeling good and a shirt that is too tight or too loose with sleeves of the wrong length will make for some discomfort that will show through to the outside world. LS Men’s Clothing helps you avoid that with custom dress shirts in NYC. They are made with one of the 400 plus fabric choices as well as a wide variety of patterns including pinstripes, wide stripes, muted checks, plaids and herringbones that will bring out your personality.

Any custom-made item will require precise measurements and LS Men’s Clothing takes 14 measurements with special consideration given to your posture and your shoulders to ensure that perfect fit. We offer 25 collar and cuff designs and no custom shirt is complete without a monogram from a selection of 20 styles. Re-ordering is very easy as your measurements are kept on file. If you have added or dropped a few pounds the measurements can easily be adjusted.

Don’t need Custom? Don’t Worry

Aside from custom dress shirts and suits, we, at LS Men’s Clothing, offer custom tailored pants and sportscoats and tuxedos. And if you are on a limited budget or are one of those men who is easily fitted into a standard size, then there is a collection of ready-made suits that are available for a quick purchase.

The current proprietor of LS Men’s Clothing is “Izzy” Zuber and he has been helping customers in the NYC area for about 35 years. His keen sense of style and the dedication to make a perfect suit or perfect dress shirt for every client makes for a satisfying customer experience. Call to make an appointment at 212-575-0933 or use the online form after hours to ask questions about your clothing needs.

Custom Dress Shirts Nyc

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