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Authentic Fashion for Men with Custom Made Suits in NYC

The term “from the ridiculous to the sublime” certainly applies to fashion and style for women throughout history. The miniskirts of the 1960’s changed to the ankle length “Annie Hall” look of the 1970s much to the chagrin of teenage boys of that era. A quick Google search for 2018 Women’s fashions yields images of almost any style including ethnic and plus size styles. The choices today for ladies are almost infinite.

By comparison, men’s fashion has pretty much stayed the same with a suit, tie, and a dress shirt as the standard look for business and social functions. The biggest issue men face is that only a small percentage of men can walk into a department store and buy a perfectly fitted suit off the rack. Tall skinny men and shorter wider men in ill-fitting suits will result in a clownish appearance. Therefore, men who live and work in New York City need custom made suits in NYC like LS Men’s Clothing.

Making Men Look Great Since 1954

LS Men’s Clothing was established in 1954 when custom made suits in NYC were a rarity. We boast of a clientele of lawyers, judges, bankers, political figures, and celebrities who must maintain a successful and powerful image. LS Men’s Clothing has seen the acceptance of colored dress shirts in the workplace over the starched white shirts of the 1950’s. We have witnessed the thankfully short-lived fads like the Nehru jacket and leisure suits of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

How It All Works

As a 2nd generation proprietor Izzy Zuber has been on the front line of custom men’s clothing and he makes it a point to interact with every client entering the doors of LS Men’s Clothing. Our company uses a proven process that includes:

  • A meeting with Izzy to determine what your needs and preferences are. Then, he will use his 35 years of expertise and a sharp eye to guide and advise you through the process.
  • The next step is to choose from the thousands of fabrics available. Izzy will help you narrow the choice and inform you as to the benefits and drawbacks of each fabric. The final choice will be an educated decision made by you.
  • The measurement phase is crucial, and this is much more than taking the inseam and beltline measures. Your posture, natural arm position, the slope of your shoulders and any anomaly like bowed legs are all taken into consideration.
  • Sample jackets and pants are available to let you try on a few styles to see what is right for your body type. A tall, lanky Abraham Lincoln would have certainly worn a different style than the 340 lb. William Howard Taft and this exemplifies why this is a crucial step.
  • Making your suit unique to you is the next step with the selection of buttons, pockets, lapels and pocket linings and other details. As always, the “eyes” and experience of our staff at LS Men’s Clothing is there to guide you.
  • Finally, after two or three weeks, your suit arrives. The final tweaks are made to get that perfect fit and there will be a follow-up call just to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Nothing can happen until you act so give LS Men’s Clothing a call at (212) 575-0933 or use the convenient online form to address any concerns or questions.

Custom Made Suits Nyc

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