Custom Tuxedo for the Groom: Why Should Only the Bride Have the Dress of Her Dreams?

The Perfect Custom wedding tuxedo by ls mens clothing

When it comes to finding the perfect attire for that special day – the wedding day – everybody knows the efforts that women put into getting “THE” dress. We even have TV shows (“Say yes to the dress”) where we can witness the whole experience. Because it is an experience, after all, one that the bride enjoys together with members of the family or friends.

(But why are men left out of all the fun!) Men should have a similar experience when getting a tuxedo for their wedding. Of course, we don’t need to go live on national television and shed tears when finding that perfect suit. However, getting a custom wedding tuxedo should be a must for every groom to be.

Why do we even wear tuxedos at weddings?

The wedding tux format is inspired from the glory period of jazz, the 1920s when men wore it to formal dinners or to high-end parties. It is a symbol of living the good life and luxury. Simple, but in good taste – this should be the definition of the wedding tux. However, you might have already noticed that something simple but stylish and elegant is hard to find on the racks in the shops. This means that the best option is to have your wedding tux custom-made, so it will fit you perfectly and reflect your personality.

Free Tie or Bowtie and suspenders with purchase of of new custom tuxedoThe tuxedo is the perfect attire for any type of special event, especially weddings or when you are hosting an important event. You can never go wrong with a tuxedo. It doesn’t go out of fashion or become obsolete; actually, it is quite the opposite. The custom wedding tux can be an investment for the future, unlike the wedding dress that can only be worn once.

Choosing a tuxedo for your wedding.

The wedding tuxedo can come in many colors, patterns, and styles. Brands like Coppley and Hickey Freeman have an impressive offer, and you can rediscover the tuxedo as the definition of male refinement and good taste. Black is the traditional color for the wedding tux, but you can also choose navy, burgundy, green, gray or even white if you want to stand out from the crowd.

There are plenty of benefits that come with getting a custom wedding tuxedo. The first and probably most important is that it will fit like it was made especially for you, since it was. You can’t find this in a regular shop. When buying ready to wear suits, the jacket is either too large or a bit small or, if the jacket fits, the trousers surely won’t. While the price might be a bit higher, you will see that a custom wedding tux in the long run may be, in many cases, cheaper than the black tie suits that you can find off the rack, and practically the same price as renting a tux for three or four occasions like weddings and dinners.

The custom wedding tux should represent you entirely. If you have certain ideas or requirements regarding cut or design, you can discuss them with the tailor and get “THE” perfect wedding tuxedo that you will love to wear on your special day.

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