How Men Can Find the Perfect Suit for Summer

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There’s no doubt that summertime brings a more laid-back approach to fashion.

However, that’s definitely not an excuse for men to get sloppy with their style. Instead of using the season as an excuse to get lazy, there’s an opportunity here. Men can branch out into different fabrics and colors and show their personal taste even more in the summer.

At the same time, your suit may have to work for the office, meetings, and outdoor events. So how do you walk the line between sharp suiting and summer style?

Keep reading for your guide to choosing the perfect summer suits for you.

Get the Fabric Right

A good fabric is the foundation of what makes summer suits wearable in warm weather. When choosing the perfect fabric, think “lightweight layers”. The last thing you want is to be a sweaty mess out on New York city streets or in the office.

There are some main fabrics that work well for summer suits. The word seersucker, for example, brings to mind a blue and white striped pattern. However, the name actually designates the fabric.

The puckered cloth was born in the South. This means it has a long tradition of being “suited” for hot weather.

Linen is an all-rounder and a top choice for summer for a reason. It’s sweat-proof, allows the skin to breathe and even when rumpled manages to look expensive. A good option would be a linen blend suit, such as one made of linen and wool.

A cotton twill suit is casual but also very versatile. It can go from casual Fridays straight into a summer wedding.

Its pieces are also perfect for separates. Throw on the jacket with jeans or rock the pants for a classy casual look.

Color Matters

Your ideal suit will also need to be in the perfect color. Lighter colors don’t absorb as much heat. So stay away from the dark shades of winter and fall.

There are a few color groups that work for summer suits, as a rule.

Blues are a classic summer color. A stone blue, for example, gives off an air of both casual elegance and freshness.

A khaki suit is a popular summer choice, especially one made of linen. Khaki shades give that gentleman on vacation look, even if you’re stuck working all summer long. It’s also one of the lightest colors you can get away with.

Gray is another color group you can use. It’s a classic suit color no matter the season.

However, you should know how not to look like a groomsman while wearing this color. Pair with a dark shirt, and your tie should be muted as well. A matching shoe will elevate the look and make you look both pulled together and taller.

Play with these basic color palettes to go subtle or bold. For example, a pink and purple shirt is good if you want to keep your summer suits muted while adding a pop of color.

Get It Tailored

Want to really up your style game? Get a tailored suit. People think custom-made suits are expensive but it could actually cost less than you think.

A suit made for your body, in the exact style, fabric, and color you want, is miles above anything off the rack. You get to customize everything from fabric to color, incorporating all the tips we give in this article.

Plus, a good-quality suit will last you for years, making it a great overall investment.

The fit is also better, which means it shows off your body in just the right way. If you’re taller or shorter than average, a custom suit is a no-brainer to make you look more put together.

Casual Suits

Summer suits aren’t just about formal events and whats appropriate for the office. Sometimes you may want a more casual look.

The Unstructured Cotton Suit

Cool both literally and figuratively, this is a top choice for summer suits. Cotton is lighter as well as stiffer than wool. A loose silhouette is both fun and comfortable.

The Shorts Suit

This type of suit is basically the same as any other except for the pants. Tailored above the knee shorts replace them for a modern and trendy look. Just remember not to skip leg day.

The Red Statement Suit

For the man who’s not afraid to stand out, we give you: the red suit.

Not adventurous? Use a berry or burgundy shade. As a bonus, these colors transition seamlessly into your fall wardrobe.

Floral Suits

Another option that’s not for the shy, floral is a non-traditional look that works well. Incorporate it by using separates such as a floral jacket or shirt.

Finishing Touches and Accessories

The accessories you choose for summer suits can do several things. They can strike a balance, such as using a bright shirt to make an outfit more casual. They can make a suit more formal, like when you add a pocket square.

Choose them carefully to finish off and complement your whole look.

Shoes can make or break a suit. Tennis sneakers are a good choice to add casual flair to an otherwise boring outfit. Pair those sneaks with a T-shirt to let people know you’re all play, no work.

When it comes to other shirt styles, think both comfort and style. A short sleeve button down will be one of your summer staples.

A bold pattern gives you and your outfit personality, so don’t think you have to only buy solids.

The tie is an area you can play with as well.

Go without one if you’re going for a more relaxed look. Or add a bow tie for a funky and trendy look. Popular summer tie fabrics include linen, seersucker, and even a knit tie in a dark color.

Get the Right Summer Suits for Your Body

Now you’ve got the tools, you can both beat the heat and look stylish all year round.

Get a suit from a trusted place with decades of experience. Whether you want to go traditional or modern, there’s a style out there for you.



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