How to Know Which Colored Suits are Perfect for You

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When a man puts on a suit, it often gives him a sense of pride, strength, and power. It’s a sign of professionalism and is key for jobs, job interviews, and formal events. A whole 66% of men say that wearing suits makes them feel more confident; 62% of them admit they feel more successful, and 43% say they feel more intelligent when they wear suits for men. But more important than the suit itself is the color the wearer decides to go with.

Along with the cut and style of mens custom suits, color is extremely important. When it comes to color, each specific option signifies a different thing. Let’s take a look at what each color of men suits means.

Navy Suits

If you’re going to a meeting or presentation, a navy suit is the right choice for you. It’s the perfect color if you’re trying to relay a sense of authority. It’s the best mens suits color option for attorneys, bankers, builders, and developers. If you plan to negotiate, or if you plan to show a sense of power, navy is the best bet.

Charcoal Suits

Mens custom suits in charcoal are great if you’re trying to show a sense of security. It’s great for a salesperson who is having a meeting with their client or boss. It’s also perfect for an attorney who is giving a closing statement. If you have an important decision to make or an important speech to deliver, anything gray or charcoal is the perfect color to make your point.

Earthtone-Colored Suits

Earth tones give people the vibe that the person wearing that color is down-to-earth and has their head on their shoulders. If you’re meeting with a client who may be unhappy, wearing earth tones may make them feel like you know what you’re talking about and that you’re interested in helping them. It’s a good choice for someone who may be dealing with a person who is upset about something.

Choosing mens suits based on their color can really help you give off a certain look and feel. By creating the impression you’re looking to make with your suit, you’re starting off on the right foot. A suit does more than give you the chance to look nice. It makes you seem powerful, authoritative, secure, or down-to-earth, all depending on which color you choose.



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