Izzy Takes on Men’s Fashion Week 2017

The 2017 New York Fashion Week saw some players from the men’s fashion niche presenting their clothing lines, accessories, and other associated items in an exciting and colorful atmosphere. The exhibition, which featured leather goods, ties, shoes, active wear and imported ready-made clothing, took place at the Javits Center in New York City. The men’s fashion brands occupied a large area of the exhibition hall, whereas other exhibitors put their brands on display at a number of hotels in the midtown, Manhattan.

Izzy of LS Men’s Clothing and Custom Suits visited the event to review and analyse men’s fashion for 2017. It was an amazing and exciting experience. Going up and down the endless aisles, looking at all the beautiful display booths, being greeted by designers, mill houses, and retailers was a great experience. All of these factors provided Izzy a sneak peek into the future styles, fabrics, and colors of the industry.

Izzy takes market week very seriously. He knows that many of his customers depend on his expertise, knowledge, and professional advice when it comes to choosing the best fabrics and styles for their new garments. H. Freeman & Sons showed Izzy their new line of swatches for the upcoming season. The cashmere swatches that have been lined up for the future were especially exciting. The quality of the cashmere was exquisite.  They were soft, smooth, and lightweight. Each of the plaids, checks, and herringbone patterns brought the swatches to life. Some were classic but had that little extra touch that made them look unique. And with the new, tapered cut that H. Freeman introduced, you have a winning combination.

The excitement of market week continued with Izzy’s visit to Coppley Clothes. Coppley’s exhibition was housed in a large conference hall in the Warwick Hotel on West 54th Street. He saw some new, innovative, and exciting things happening at Coppley. For starters, some of their styles (models) are being slimmed down to accommodate the evolution of the business suit. The proportions for the modern executive are being adjusted to meet the newer look. Izzy offered them some valuable and practical advice about their designs. Given Izzy’s stature in the fashion industry with experience that spans over 30 years, Coppley designers and executives hold Izzy’s opinions and advice in high regard. They welcomed Izzy’s ideas and will be analyzing the possibility of incorporating some of his suggestions.

The “new blue” is Coppley’s choice for Spring 2017. That is followed by “pearl grey”- the softened version of the basic grey suit. We expect the relaxed or “unstructured” jacket to be the new look for the blazers and office attire. That will take out the padding and shorten the lining, adding more maneuverability and a comfortable feel to the office atmosphere and beyond.

Coppley has also introduced a new line called CONCEPT. It is targeted to the fashion-oriented customer. The line features jacket and pant models designed to meet the expectations of customers in terms of fit, comfort, and quality.

At the end of the day, everything seen at this years fashion week has inspired excitement for men’s fashion for 2017. If you don’t want to miss the latest in men’s fashion, be sure to subscribe to us.



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