5 Reasons for Men to Wear Suits More Often

men to wear suits

While today most suits are ready-to-wear that wasn’t always the case. Tailor made suits were the only option 200 years ago and this meant they were only affordable by the very wealthy. Suits were made by tailors who guarded their methods as the most precious of trade secrets.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear a suit? This is the argument for men to wear suits more often. It’s not just about standing out in a crowd.

Read on for 5 reasons for men to wear suits more often.

1. A Suit’s Not Formal Anymore

For many years the suit was a formal garment for a formal occasion. Weddings, funerals and the office were the natural habitats of the gentlemen’s suit. This made the formal occasion and the formal garment synonymous.

Wearing a suit almost always meant wearing a formal shirt and of course, a tie. The alternative was to wear casual clothes. No tie meant no suit too.

Now a suit can be worn without a tie and even without a formal shirt. Suits are worn with a crewneck sweater or even a smart T-shirt. They can look very stylish and sophisticated worn with almost any shoes, even sneakers.

Because the suit doesn’t have to be pigeonholed as formal wear it can bring sophistication to other occasions. Going for a drink, a casual dinner or a visit to the club are all suitable occasions. The suit can be an informal yet structured article of clothing.

2. It’s Not Casual Either

Having made the argument that a suit is suitable clothing for informal occasions it does retain something of its former gravitas. This affords the wearer some sophistication. Casual occasions don’t necessarily call for casualness in standards.

Wearing a suit can confer a feeling of quality, style, and individuality. The smart casual look of chinos and a shirt with a collar will never achieve this. On some men, casual clothing looks tired or even scruffy very quickly.

A relaxed suit wearer can lose the tie and still retain the style. The fabric retains shape and structure even after a day of wear. It’s not stuffy and it’s not overly casual either.

3. Timeless Tailoring

The suit’s heritage is a long and resilient one. It has adapted and responded to changes in fabric, style and manufacturing methods. Through it all, it has retained its place in a gentlemen’s wardrobes.

Even the advent of leisurewear with the influence of clothing designed for sports has not seen off the suit. It retains a special place. For many men, it is not a necessary purchase for work so it has become an object of desire.

The timeless nature of the suit means that it is always the best option when you want to look smart. Smart is not always formal. It’s about being clean and tidy as well as smartly dressed.

A tailor-made suit stays looking good for longer. A tailor-made suit, because of its fit and quality, is a long-lasting garment. Tailoring is good value over the long term.

4. It Keeps You Fit

This reason for wearing a suit more often might strike you as odd. How can a suit keep you fit? Don’t you need to diet or go to the gym to keep fit?

If you’ve spent a lot of money on a great suit, you will want to be able to wear it for longer. A tailored suit is especially expensive so retaining the value means wearing it for longer. The fit of the suit is the key to this.

A tailor-made suit looks great because it is made for you. Your shape and proportions are reflected in the suit. Looking good in your suit requires you to maintain the same shape and proportions.

Your suit will tell you in subtle ways if your shape changes. It will be loose or feel tight if you change your body shape. With these subtle ways, your suit will tell you when you need to lose a few pounds or visit the gym more often.

The main problem with diets and kip fit regimes is motivation. Keeping up the routine is the toughest part. Knowing that you can continue looking good in your suit is a motivator that keeps on working.

Are you really going to throw away that expensive suit for the sake of a few fries or a missed visit to the gym? You know you look cool in that suit. Stay fit and healthy and stay smart too.

Listen to your suit for health advice. Stay trim and you will have years of happy suit wearing. Pile on the pounds and your suit will squeeze you and remind you that your appearance is important to you.

5. It Communicates Personality

A suit, like no other item of clothing, communicates style and sophistication. If these values are important to you, why wait for more formal occasions to wear a suit. Wear it when you want to say that you are an individual.

Your choice of fabric and color, shape and style are all opportunities to be an individual. Combine your suit with your choice of shirts, shoes, and ties to individualize the look further. A pocket square, cufflinks, and a tie pin push the style envelope yet more.

The result is an expression of your personality. Keep it reserved or flamboyant. Outlandish or thoughtful.

More Reasons for Men to Wear Suits

So, now you have 5 reasons to wear a suit more often. That should be enough. But, you probably have many more of your own.

You like how it makes you feel. People respond better to you when you wear a suit. Your partner always complements you when you dress in a suit.

Whatever your reasons, be smart. Wear a suit more.

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