Since 1865 Reda has been the standard for style and elegance, a leader in the production of fine woolen fabrics for making up classic men’s suits.

Reda products stand out for their quality, luxury and taste and are chosen by the major international fashion houses.

Reda represents an example of Italian mastery, joining artisan tradition with technological innovation to obtain ever better results.

Reda is an authentic Made in Italy brand exported all over the world but it maintains a solid bond with its territory of origin: it continues to this day to produce exclusively in Valle Mosso in the Biella province where the company was established almost 150 years ago. Here it manages the entire production chain directly, from the fleece to the finished fabric.

Reda is the result of a heritage of values that have become stronger over time: an ongoing search for excellence, the enhancement of human relationship with all our collaborators and the attention to and respect for the environment, which has led our wool factory obtain the Emas certification.


1865: this year marks the beginning of a great history,born of the passion for wool and the good business sense of Carlo Reda. It all began with a mill in Valle Mosso,in the Biella province, converted into a wool factory and reinforced over the years by the subsequent generations. In 1919 Albino and Francesco Botto Poala took over the entire complex.

Since then Reda has continued to invest and grow, drawing on the traditional artisan specialization of local weavers to produce a fabric appreciated for the
sophisticated elegance based on a meticulous search for simplicity. It also seeks purity and taste and expresses them through an artful stroke traced by small movements of the weaves that create in and lend luminosity to the material.

In 1958 a flood destroyed Reda’s factories but not its enterprise, which reconstructed with the goal of technological innovation. In the ensuing decades massive developments were begun abroad on international markets fascinated by the luxury and quality of Made in Italy brands.

Today Reda exports all over the world while production has maintained a close connection to the Biella hills. A new factory was opened in 1998: it was the first wool factory in the world to fully embrace the new compact spinning process. It was decided to locate it in Valle l’·1osso, where the history of Reda started almost 150 years ago.

Throughout the decades Reda’s business grew and became well-established in Europe, Japan and North America. Then it set its gaze on new markets such as Russia, China, India and South America with lively interest.


Reda presents new collections to its customers twice a year, proposing on average 2500 fabric variations which resulting from an ongoing study in style The natural elegance of Reda products derives from an attentive reinterpretation of the most classic of tailoring designs; the refined design style and the discreet use of the color range reflect good taste and class, representing the very essence of made in Italy products.

The top quality of Reda fabrics is achieved by a carefully controlled production process and an inexhaustible endeavor to perfect the yarn. This is why Lanificio Reda directly manages and controls the entire production chain, from the fleece to the finished product. The journey starts in New Zealand on the 30,000 ha of land situated on the properties of Glenrock Station, Rugged Ridges and Otamatapaio Station, where the best sheep are raised for the production of the finest Merino wools.

After a careful selection of the wools, the fleece undergoes the COMBING process and is transformed into strips better known as tops. The tops then go to the
DYEING department where the wool comes into contact with dye for the first time. After being perfectly dried, the dyed tops go to the SPINNING department, the first important phase of the entire manufacturing process. Here the wool is further selected by combing machines, melanging machines, twisting rnachines and rings, which bring it to an absolute level of perfection in which the top becomes one long thin thread of yarn.
The yarn is twisted with another in the TWISTING department and then stretched onto the loom to create a warp, a whole of threads that form the lengthwise part of the fabric ready to meet the weft and be woven into it to create the actual fabric during the WEAVING process. At this point everything is ready for the FINISHING department, a production sequence in which the fabric undergoes a series of treatments aimed at improving the stability, appearance and, not least important, the softness of the product.

Each of these steps represents a tessera of the mosaic that makes up the Reda fabric, a light material that is pleasant to the touch because it is remarkably soft but also elastic and resistant, destined to the high fashion of classic men’s apparel.


If the big name designers of international men’s fashion choose Reda, it is due to the high level of its production, the fruit of more than a century of experience and an ongoing effort that have made Reda become a synonym of quality, luxury and taste throughout the world.

For Reda the constant quality control is both an instrument and a work goal: an instrument because it allows a deep understanding of how the wool factory is
working thanks to a constantly updated database; a goal because the testing and knowledge acquired by controlling allow us to avoid certain defects and take the actions needed to always guarantee the excellence that customers have come to expect from a Reda fabric.

From 1865 to present, one thing has never changed: our close bond with the territory and love for the splendid hills of this province. The decision to continue manufacturing all our products exclusively at the Croce Mosso factory of was taken in consideration of the respect, passed down from generation to generation, for a centuries-old tradition. In fact the wool culture is deeply rooted in the manual skills of local craftsmen who have always contributed to the success of our fabrics and this is why our manufacturing cannot be delocalized.

Reda fabrics are poised between tradition and innovation: each collection presents products with stylistic and manufacturing characteristics that are remarkably advanced. They are the results of an ongoing creative process. Reda shows appreciation for the incredible virtues of its wool by producing fabrics with inimitable softness, luxury and warmth.



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